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I don’t always read Elmore Leonard, but when I do I like it

My father gave me a lot of stuff during his time here on earth, and one of my favorites is the enjoyment of a good Elmore Leonard novel.  This month, I get to share that enjoyment with Beer and Crumpets.  We’ll be assembling next on Wednesday May 28 to discuss Elmore Leonard’s “Get Shorty”.  Join us at 6 pm at the Gingerman downtown 7:00 pm at the Crown and Anchor on San Jacinto as we get our Noir on. (SCHEDULE AND LOCATION CHANGE!!!)

We’re Headed to New Orleans on March 5!

This month we’re reading an ethnographic history of New Orleans’ founding by Shannon Dawdy.  Did you know that the French Quarter once had a moat around it and that an early City Planner beat a guy up and threw him in jail when he refused to move his house out of the way of a proposed roadway?

We’ll be meeting to discuss this and more at the Gingerman downtown at 6 pm on Wednesday March 5.  You should join us!

We’re starting strong in 2014

We’ll be getting together on January 29, 2014, at the Gingerman starting at 5:30.  We’ll be discussing Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera.  We’ll also be figuring out what to read next, so bring your ideas.  I am loving this book.  I’m particularly enjoying how vividly present the setting is.  Makes me realize I don’t have a clue about Columbia.  Wow, what an amazing history!,_Colombia.  See you on the 29th!